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Posted 2 months ago by Patricia Dillon

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The NACLI Board is Calling for You!

Dear Wonderful NACLI Members:

The NACLI Board is calling for You, Will you answer the call? 2023 CALL for Nominations

NACLI has the following offices open just for you:

Vice-President 2023-2025 Term

Secretary 2023-2025 Term

Treasurer   2023 Term *

Director at Large 2023-2025 Term

Nominating Committee 2023-2025 Term

Student Delegate 2023-2024 Term

Please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance completing your form.

Contact us at

Don't wait, respond now !   See attached "Call for Nominations" Application form. 

NACLI is so glad to have you on board.

Welcome aboard to NACLI Leadership!

Also, please remember to check your email, and renew your NACLI 2023-2024 Membership.

Thank you,

The NACLI Nominations Committee

*This position is for a one year term (2023) .